How Energy Efficient are Wood Stoves?

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When it comes to purchasing stoves, efficiency will always be one of the goals. However, this may vary from one stove to the other. Before you proceed, have a look at Hot Stuff Stoves | Stoves in Wirral. Most of the time, when this is the aim, wood heating is perceived as the answer. It has been observed that most open fireplaces can save around 10% of the electricity. As for basic stoves, it may be around 30 to 50%. There are modern high-performance stoves which may even spare one of 90% of his electricity consumption.

Shifting to Stove Efficiency

Wood stove efficiency is usually measured in the amount of chemical energy which is put in the firewood. This is the one that normally ends up in your living room. It goes that way instead of actually going up the chimney. In order for it to be measured, controlling the conditions may have to be carried out. This is observed in most environmental testing laboratories.

The chemical energy which is stored in the wood is really easy to find. There are woods out there with the rating of BTU. This is in accordance to the cord. Variation may also be stumbled upon. It relies on the kind of tree species involved. Basically, for every kilo of dry wood, it is present with the same amount of energy.

It may be hard to calculate the transfer of heat into a room. A reasonable figure may be obtained through the measurement of temperature in different places. The air in this sense would speed up because of convection. There are also complex bits which are involved here. The efficiency of the stove will then be in accordance to the percentage of the energy that has been transferred. It would assist a lot to measure the temperature of air in the places in the house. Usually, the air would speed because of convection. Fluid dynamics would have to be understood too. They are complex.

In the home, figures are a struggle to be identified accurately. With this in mind, it would help to know the rating of efficiency which has been provided by the involved manufacturer. Just a tip though, old style stoves consume more electricity. The same is also true with cheap imports. They can only give off savings of around 20% to 30%. That is how low it can be.

In short, combustion affects efficiency. This may also have an implication with the way the wood will burn. This is when the heat is transferred from the stove then to the room itself.

Combustion efficiency refers to the possible energy which is in the fuel wood. This is directed in the stove. Hotter fires are ready for more combustion. They are more efficient in this sense. This is usually manipulated through the design of the wood stove design. The main stove box is insulated here. Heat transfer also plays an important role in making sure that electricity is saved during the use of the wooden stove. Again, this is different based on the brands and models.