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Commercial Pool Builders Offer Modern Design Options

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More and more businesses are adding pools to their buildings. These pools may be for customers, clients, or even for the workers. That all depends on the type of business requiring the pool. For example, hotels and spas both require the services of commercial pool builders so that they can provide a quality swimming experience to their customers.

Forty years ago, if your business had hired commercial pool builders you would have received a fairly standard product and service in return. There were some variations in the styles of the pools and their depths, but overall most pools were very similar. That has all changed in the last two decades. Modern pools can come in a huge variety of styles, shapes, and depths. They can include unique features that catch the eye, add functionality, or improve the swimming experience.

What are some examples of unique features you can receive from modern commercial pool builders? Here are just a few.

Moving Floors
Long gone are the days of draping a cloth pool cover over the top of the pool when it’s not in use. Not only does a cloth pool cover look out of place, but you can’t walk on it. Essentially, you have a large hole in the floor that only gets in the way if the pool is not in use. Moving floors that cover and seal the top of the pool are the ideal solution. Custom pool builders can implement this feature using multiple techniques.

Hydraulic Or Sliding Floors
The most impressive option is a hydraulic floor. This floor is lowered to control the depth of the pool at will. It can also be raised to floor level when the pool is not in use. Guests or workers can walk across the floor normally without any worries.

A second option is a floor that slides left or right out of the way. This is somewhat easier to implement, but it doesn’t provide the adjustable depth that a hydraulic floor will. When the pool isn’t in use the floor slides back on top and the hole is covered.

Deck Level Pools
A deck level pool refers to a pool where the water is always exactly at floor level. It’s an entirely aesthetic design choice, but one that really stands out. The water is allowed to flow out over the edge of the pool where it is returned below ground via a slotted system. It gives the visible impression that the floor itself is made of water.

Even Skimmer Pools Look Great
Free board pools, also known as skimmer pools, are the more traditional option for many businesses. But that doesn’t mean they need to be boring. Commercial pool building companies can design truly unique and breathtaking free board pools that really stand out. This can be accomplished through the shape as well as the materials and lighting used in the design.

If your business already has a pool, but it’s starting to look outdated, then it might be time to work with a commercial pool builder. Whether you need a simple upgrade or an entirely new pool, a more modern design can make a huge difference with customers.