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Thinking of transporting a dog, sports kits, tools or garden waste? Your dependable companion is the car boot liner. Using a car boot liner will help protect your car from expensive wear and tear. Let’s get real here; the boot has always been the most abused interior part of cars. An average car boot is likely to experience countless shopping bags are thrown into- which could contain leaked bottles of milk or cracked egg-in fact muddy boots, furniture, and other disgusting elements.

On a worse situation, hobbies like skiing, cycling, gardening and other water sport activities could spur the chances of destroying the carpet or plastic trim. Of course, this is not even the main reason for doggy stains- your family pets can handle that. Most of us are natural lovers of dogs, and that means we love taking our furry family member to everywhere we go.

Whether one, or all of the listed talks about you, investing in a quality car boot protector like the boot liner can save you the money and time to clean/repair damaged part of your car boot. Typically priced under $150, your boot liner should pay for itself even at the first time of usage as it prevents a damaged/scratched bumper/rear seats- issues which can be expensive for repair.

There are boatloads of boot liners in the market today, spanning from hard shells to universal plastic sheets perfectly designed for your vehicle. We’d recommend buying a boot liner specific to your car model as it gives the car a fitted look. Other features to watch out for include a fold-out bumper protector and non-slip base.

There are actually two basic methods of cleaning your car’s boot liners:

1. You can remove them completely and dunk it in your washing machine. Let the machine do its job and all you do is wait for the spin to finish and you’re off to put it back in no jiffy. But this only goes for cloth and canvas based materials as other car boot liners are made of plastic sheeting. For the moulded type, you can simply detach them from your boot, lift it out and hose it down using a suitable brush or pressure washed. Avoid using brushes that have very hard bristles as this can cause scratches on your car boot liners.

2. You can also clean them without removing them from your car. This was not a very practical option before as doing so can cause your car seat to get wet as well as the interior of your car. Another thing is that most liners have semi-rough or patterned surface which makes wet cleaning longer and often gives poorer results. However, with new advancements in car boot liners technology, a damp cloth is all that is required to clean up your car boot and the entire task can be over in a couple of minutes.

If you want something that is easier to clean, it is highly suggested that you get yourself smooth liners made of smooth semi-gloss surface polypropylene plastic. Its surface is non-absorbent and can be easily wiped clean with water and anti-bacterial cleaning solution in a couple of minutes without removing the entire car boot liner from your car. Another advantage of polypropylene is that it does not absorb odors and germs or bacteria from other animals like dogs can be easily wiped away so you can be sure that you have a hygienic boot liner all throughout the day.